Timebanking is back in Bognor!

Timebanking is a way for people to share skills with others in their community and be rewarded for it – in time. For every hour of time a person gives providing a service for another participant, they will receive one time credit, which can then be exchanged when they need something.
It is free to join and does not affect benefits. There is no regular commitment, most timebank exchanges are one-offs, providing the support that often money can’t buy.
The exchanges that can happen through the time bank include, gardening, teaching knitting, computer help, budgeting help, lift to appointments, cake baking, taking things to the tip, car washing, or simply having a cup of coffee and a chat.
Local Charity, the Aldingbourne Trust manages the timebanking initiative in Bognor from Number 73, Aldwick Road, and since taking over the initiative 34 people have joined and over 350 hours have been exchanged.
To relaunch timebanking, the Trust is hosting a special timebank evening for people to ‘Get Connected and Match Skills’ on Tuesday 7th November 7-9pm; refreshments will be available too. The evening will be based on a “speed dating” theme where individuals will be paired up to briefly share what skills they have and what skills they are looking for. Each discussion will be strictly timed before a bell sounds and individuals move on to the next table. The idea is to meet as many people and make as many connections as possible. The evening is open to existing timebankers and anyone who is interested in finding out more about timebanking.
Lisa Palmer, Community Solutions Manager at the Trust said “Timebanking is a great way to meet people and make friends. It is about giving and receiving so everyone benefits. Everyone’s time is equal and everyone can contribute; it is very inclusive. This evening event aims to get Timebanking back on track and raise community awareness to a really beneficial community initiative.”
Please contact Lisa Palmer for any queries relating to Time banking in general or the evening event on lisap@aldingbourne.org or 07793 244127 or drop in to The Aldingbourne Trust, No 73, Aldwick Road, Bognor PO21 2NW