The Painting Pals

Four ladies – before they joined forces – were individually enthusiastically discovering an earlier interest in art, leading to drawing ,painting exploring various mediums, galleries art groups and so on.  Each one passionate about colour – shapes – balance & symmetry and the amazing effects of light.

Above all perhaps the richness of our world with its many diverse expressions of life, beauty in a very simple structure, or finding a meanin g that was waiting to be discovered.

The four friends became a group the Painting Pals, the time had come to pool thoughts encourage each other, be honest about discussing work critically and of course to push boundaries and emerge from comfort zones!

After a few exhibitions we all sold work which was of course encouraging and, while we were enjoying ourselves, it was exciting that others thought we had something worthwhile.

In Meg who is at heart a watercolourist we have a patient and specific – when needed – painter, she enjoys detail and is particularly interested in buildings and structures, giving them a sense of purpose and belonging with the surroundings. Meg is attracted to mellow older buildings, but is quite capable of producing bright poster-like depictions of bustling town centres. However she has sprung surprises on us with intricate abstracts and is venturing into other mixed media possibilities. Meg has an enquiring mind and is a keen observer of the world around.

Mary is competant and creative with both watercolour or pastel, her paintings are full of warmth, her detail is thoughtful indeed a further look at her work will often find a small detail perhaps previously overlooked. Subject matter of interest is wide flowers and creatures plus landscapes and streams. A favourite with Mary also is creating cartoons  and her depiction of various types of person or situation is a result of quietly observing and distilling the essence! always with a sense of fun. She has written and illustrated a book for children for private distribution.

Nadia with her strong chinese influence produces paintings  pleasing to the eye, they can be minimalistic or large flowing and loose – or very delicate.She has worked in  various mediums but favours watercolour. Nadia paints cats with a whimsical and sympathetic awarensss of their character and individuality, flowers and birds are also of particular interest from the homely sparrow to exotica. Nadia will happily try new  approaches and thinking without hesitation but she is a watercolourist at heart and at her best.

June is also at home with both acrylic and pastel after experimenting with other mediums such as watercolour and inks etc.She began to use acrylic paints as she wanted to use brighter contrasting depths in some of her work, her real interest is in nature with its moods and wonderful shades and hues,the effects of light on land and water. An awareness of fundamental shapes in the natural world is leading to exploring abstract interpretations.


The Painting Pals exhibition takes place at Oxmarket Centre of Arts between Tuesday 11th and Sunday 23rd April between 10am and 4:30pm.