Help for Heroes


The Help For Heroes organisation plays a massive part in helping wounded servicemen and servicewomen with their rehabilitation and provides wonderful support and encouragement to them.  This service consumes a vast amount of money and the charity relies heavily on voluntary financial support from the public through various fundraising schemes to pay for this.

 The challenge that I’ve registered for is a 100 mile “gentle” pedal starting at 2am on Sunday 8th June from the Help For Heroes Recovery Centre at Tedworth House, just outside Salisbury, arriving at 10am in Blackheath, London where we (approximately 250 riders) rendezvous with about 1,000 other riders from various distant locations.  We then ride en masse into Central London and finish at the Cenotaph for a small ceremony.  It should be noted that there will be many wounded men and women taking part in these challenges, again demonstrating just how courageous they are. 

 The following links provide more details of the challenges that are being organised:

It was probably the Paralympics that helped to inspire me to join this ride.  That event helped to demonstrate just how much the wounded service people have suffered in the course of serving our country.