The Friends of Old Bridge Meadow

We send many congratulations to The Village Magazine on the occasion of its 100th  issue, and to Anne and Fiona for their great achievement in developing the publication and extending its coverage over the last eight years. The Magazine is a great resource for a wide range of up-to-date local community news and information.

The Friends of Old Bridge Meadow are very grateful to the Magazine for publicising numerous articles of ‘Meadow news’ over the years, the most recent of which advertised our summer picnic afternoon on 21 June. As it turned out, the summer solstice provided us with a warm and sunny afternoon to celebrate ‘Midsummer on the Meadow’, and over 50 folks joined us to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of conversation, music and picnics.

We started with a short talk, primarily for children and young people, explaining how they can create habitats to help the different types of wildlife that live on the Meadow, and the group went on to create a real example of the accommodation that will help our resident slow-worms and other creatures to thrive in the Meadow environment.

Then there were activities for the young people that included building model rafts which were tested in a race on the stream (many thanks to Bosham Pre-School for organising these activities). There was ice cream, there was a raffle, and a good afternoon was enjoyed by all.

The Friends of Old Bridge Meadow 2

The Friends of Old Bridge Meadow were formed in 1999. They exist to ensure that the Meadow is maintained as a small area of traditional wildflower meadowland, and to encourage its population by the natural wildlife that would normally be associated with such a space. We also maintain the pathways and boundaries, and have recently introduced a central area of shorter mown grass to provide space for children and families to enjoy.

If you are interested in helping with Meadow conservation and maintenance activity, the Friends will be very pleased to hear from you. See the contact details below.

Many readers will be aware of the annual Christmas Tree and Carol Singing that the Friends arrange on the Meadow each year in December, but the Friends also promote additional community events from time to time. These have included (or might include):

On the Meadow:

  • Bring-your-own picnics
  • Organised barbecues
  • Fete-type events, with stalls selling goods, refreshments, games and competitions
  • Music events with live musicians/bands
  • ‘Bosham’s Got Talent’
  • Wild flower planting
  • Art on the Meadow – classes / demonstrations / auctions of work

In Bosham Village Hall or St Nicholas Church Hall:

  • Presentations/talks by visiting experts on wildlife, conservation, etc.
  • Quiz nights
  • Beer/wine tasting evenings
  • Movie nights

Please note that the costs of maintaining the Meadow are relatively modest, and many routine costs are covered or subsidised by local council funding. The Friends of Old Bridge Meadow absolutely do not exist to make profits – but must cover our costs – including the costs of running community events. (Surplus income is donated to local charities.)

Therefore it is important to know what types of event YOU would attend and support. Please let us know! Please select from the lists above, or send your alternative suggestion to the Friends. Our new email address is We look forward to hearing from you!

The Friends of Old Bridge Meadow 3

Also, please let us know if you would like to help by joining our Meadow maintenance team. Contact us by email as above, and we will be in touch.

Thank you!

Richard Spong