Back2Health – Read this standing up!

By Philippa McKernan of Back2Health Chiropractic Clinic
One of the most common questions we’re asked at Back2Health is “which is the best type of office chair?” The simple answer is – no chair at all!
Recent research has stressed that too many hours sitting might be just as harmful to our health as smoking. This is why there is now a growing trend towards using gym balls or standing desks in the office to increase physical activity – we have them in some of our Back2Health clinics.
You might think that changing the amount of time you spend sitting is going to be difficult, but there are a number of simple modifications that can be made, for example:
·      Park further away from work
·      Take the stairs, not the lift
·      Stand while talking on the phone, eating lunch or taking meetings
·      Use an alert to remind you to move or stretch every 30 minutes
·      Drink more water
·      Go for family walks
The impact of these small changes can be quite profound, including weight loss, increased energy, improved performance at work and reduced postural stresses and strains.
Even by standing whilst reading this article, you’ll have helped kick those processes back into action!
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