Winterfest 2017

New life church in Emsworth hosted yet another successful youth camp on their complex. This time saw the return of Winterfest 2017, a 3-day festival seeing 150 plus youth across the weekend. Those attending got the opportunity to gain valuable experiences and build stronger fruitful friendships.


Winterfest saw the inclusion of team games on the Sunday afternoon in a series of competitive events, all specializing in different themes such as art activities, mind games and sporting events meaning there was something for everyone to excel in. All of this built solid relationships working and communicating well as a team, which was also expressed during times of serving together over the weekend. During a short victorious award ceremony, the team with the most points was revealed with them being crowned overall winners of Winterfest 2017, other prizes such as star girl and boy were also given out to celebrate individuals’ successes. This year saw the boys and girls take part in separate day trip activities, with the boys roughing it by going paintballing and the girls getting to experience ice skating, followed by swimming at Guildford Spectrum Centre. Fun was had by all who attended, “Winterfest 2017 really opened my eyes as to what God has planned for my life. It was an epic and I can’t wait for the next one” said Laura who took part in the festivities. With the fun fueled, energetic activities also comes the main reason Revive UK youth host these annual events and that is to empower the next generation through encountering and having a relationship with God. ‘Nudging’ them to all He has intended for them.


To finish the weekend on a high note, T-shirts were given out with the ‘Summer Camp 2017’ logo on to promote the next big youth camp on New Life’s agenda. Summer Camp is a 5-day festival held within the complex where the youth sleep in tents on the church fields and chill around the campfire, getting the full camping experience. This year the camp starts Wednesday 26th July to Monday 31st July. You can book your place on this event online and at reception (on one of two Sunday services, or Friday youth service) from April 2nd.


The youth is a strong element in the culture of New Life Church. A team of dedicated and hardworking youth leaders take time out to volunteer their help towards making these camps, and Friday youth events a success each time. They are passionate about raising up the youth, encouraging them to be leaders within their communities, using their areas of gifting to spread the good news. Revive UK youth meet every Friday (7pm-9pm) in the main complex during term time for both social and live music events. Find out more at


By Shannon Barker