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Southbourne WI 

Our June meeting began with a presentation by Mo Grummitt of a Resolution.

A small group of our members have worked on this statement since we were enthused last October by a talk from Ben Cross on Alstromerias and the British Flower Industry.  The Resolution was read out and later endorsed by all members present.  It will now go forward to NFWI in July for discussion in2018.

We were delighted to welcome Fiona and Anne, editors of The Village Magazine, a publication which we have all enjoyed for years.

The ladies talked of the origins of the magazine from just Bosham to the area from Chichester to Emsworth, from 1600 copies per month to 7,200.

It is now also available on line and there is also a children’s edition.

Fiona and Anne were thanked warmly for their input into our communities every month and for coming to talk about their work.

We have decided that from January 2018 we shall change our meetings from the first Thursday in the month to the second, this is due to lack of time to receive information before our meeting and problems with clashing with public holidays at the beginning of the year.

In July we welcome Elisa Mott who will show us her glass jewellery.  We shall also have a Bring and Buy sale so please come along with your goods.

Mo Grummitt Secretary  Southbourne WI.


Funtington and West Stoke WI – President Benny 574828

The speaker for our July meeting is Bob Read who is going to talk to our members about
John Keats in Chichester.
John Keats visited Chichester in January 1819 and it is here that he found inspiration for his wonderful poem ‘Eve of St. Agnes’. A plaque commemorates the house where he stayed on Eastgate Square. Tragically, Keats died two years later at the young age of 25.
Bob Read, dressed in period costume, will be talking about Keats’ life and giving a recitation of some of the best loved verses of the Romantic poet.
Our meeting will be held on Wednesday July 19th beginning at 7p.m. New members are welcome to join us.


Bosham WI 

This month’s speaker was a very interesting man: talking about one of the subjects near to his heart –  the City Livery Companies from the Middle Ages until Today.

Iain Pulley was Master of the Saddlers Livery Company in 2008 and had the most marvellous year representing the Company in the City and around the country at various horse-led events.

How do I know? Because I’m Iain’s wife and joined in a lot of the fun!

He started us at 1066, when London was a small walled city with a population of eleven thousand. Although the city was wealthy and independent of the Crown, life for the man in the street was violent, dirty and with numerous plagues. It was also very religious with 120 parishes and these are what the secular fraternities grew from – to give help and charity to others – later growing into Guilds (Liveries). Gradually, because different trades congregated in their own areas (eg Milk Street, Bread Street, Ironmongers Lane and Poultry) these Guilds or Livery Companies grouped into trades.

These Livery Companies wanted control of their individual trades but, then in comes the Crown – wanting money of course! The first known Charter was granted in 1184 to The Weavers Livery Company, who paid the King £12 pa!

So the Livery Companies grew rich and powerful, and had absolute control over their trade – for instance, if you were a saddle maker and not a member of the Saddlers Livery Company or you were, but your saddles didn’t reach the standard required, they could order you to burn your saddles.

The 19th Century saw the near collapse of the Livery world. Their extravagant Victorian feasts, the Companies based on privilege with no contribution to the community and yet their wealth remaining, largely due to the London property and land that had been left to them. A government review was very critical and Companies started working together for the first time, with such projects as The City and Guilds Institute and the foundation of The City University.

WW2 saw 16 Halls destroyed and a similar number damaged, not to mention a huge number of members killed or maimed. The last 40 years has seen a growth of 33 new Companies, making a total of 110 in all. The Livery Companies currently give over £40 million annually to charity, giving their expertise as well as money. New Companies without a Trade have adopted an Industry and have the same aims – Tradition; their Trade or Industry; Charity and Good Fellowship.

Social events to look forward to:-

The WI Summer Party on Friday 30 June at Micaela Mawby’s house,

The Chichester Singers jazz concert at 7.30 on Saturday 24 June in Chichester Cathedral,

The annual Bosham Church Fete, to be held on Quay Meadow on 22 July – volunteers wanted,

A WI outing to Fiddler on the Roof at the Chichester Festival Theatre,

The annual Quiz, for which the Bosham WI usually fields 2 or 3 teams, at North Mundham Village Hall on 8 August.

Our next meeting is Wednesday 5th July, when our speaker is Tess Burrows talking about “The South Pole Granny”. Come along and meet us – you will be made most welcome.


fishbourne wi


After lunch – now that it has become a successful and well-attended aspect of our WI meeting prepared by Maggie and Marlene – we moved to our ‘usual’  room, where Maggie welcomed us all (after having taken her apron off!).

We were reminded that the Minutes were on the table to be read before being signed at the end of the meeting, plus the usual boards indicating various activities and outings to be signed for if wished. The bursary to attend a course at Denman’s is of course very popular , Ann Kelly won that and can find a time and course of her choosing.

It was also Resololution discussion time, therefore Patsy Johnson outlined the sadness of ‘Loneliness’ and the need to alleviate it, while Maggie Borseberry outlined the disasterous effects of ‘microbeads’ in all levels of life including oceanlife etc. both these were voted on unanimously,the results going on to be counted and added to the W.I. final result.

We then had our tea and biscuits while the raffle was called.  For those who would like further details of our meetings at The Fishbourne Centre please ring Sec.Beryl Reynolds on Tel774350 or e-mail at beryl@fishbourne.plus.com