Georgian Sussex – Seminar



SUSSEX AND THE INVASION THREAT 1793-1812 (Course Ref. C3743143)

                 Saturday November 24th    10.00am-1.00pm

Tutor :  Jennifer Goldsmith

This seminar will examine local places, people and events in Sussex in relation to national and European developments in this period of great style and radical change. It was a time fizzing with ideas, wars, population movement from countryside to cities, transport changes and agrarian and industrial revolutions that transformed Sussex and the nation


Our particular focus in today’s session is the developing threat of invasion of the Channel coast – and then the whole country- by the French under Napoleon, and how Sussex responded


Jennifer Goldsmith is a very experienced and knowledgeable WEA tutor, highly regarded by those who have attended her previous courses for her lively approach and the encouraging learning atmosphere she creates.


Cost : £20.00 for the session


Venue : St. Paul’s Church Hall, Churchside, Chichester PO19 6FT


If you would like to attend, please contact : SHEILA ROBEY on 01243 371952 or at