Firearms and ammunition surrender across Surrey and Sussex

If you have firearms or ammunition and don’t know what to do with them, we can help.

From Monday 10 November until Friday 21 November Sussex Police and Surrey Police are inviting members of the public to surrender unwanted items so they can be disposed of safely.

New legislation that came into effect on July 14 increased the maximum jail term for illegal gun possession from 10 years to life. This now includes anyone who is storing a weapon for someone else. It also includes antique firearms due to the fact that obsolete weapons can be made viable by criminals with ballistics knowledge.

Police believe many gun owners may not realise the weapons they have could be illegal or the danger they pose if they fall into the wrong hands.

The campaign gives holders the chance to dispose of their firearms and ammunition safely by handing them in at a police station.

During the two week period, those surrendering firearms will not be prosecuted for offences of possessing them illegally. However each weapon may be analysed to determine if it has been used in crime and, if it has, it will be investigated. Read the full press release here.