No Building on Bethwines – July 2014 Newsletter

Bethwines newsletter


THANK YOU if you went along to the earlier Iceni “Consultation” Event – and especially for all your questions which left the Iceni group so embarrassed because they couldn’t answer them!

Some Questions we keep on being asked!

Q. When is the Special Edition of Village Voice coming out?

A. When Iceni put in their application and Planning give it a reference number.


Q. When will that be?

A. We were expecting it at the end of June .. now it’s the end of July ……???


Q. Is it true that Iceni are trying to prevent our Neighbourhood Plan from being approved?

A. Sadly, yes.  They are arguing that the Examiner must fail us because our Plan does not support the National Planning Policy Framework and District’s Planning Numbers fall short of the Government’s Requirement.  Representatives of the Plan Working Group are meeting senior officials at Chichester District Council to plan our response.  Legal advice is being sought.


Q. Is there any good news?

A. Of course!  Following e-mails to our MP and to the Planning Minister (before his promotion in the Cabinet reshuffle!)  the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government   has declared his intention of amending the criteria for the recovery of planning appeals “to include proposals for residential development of over 10 units in areas where a qualifying body has submitted a neighbourhood plan proposal.”


Q. So what do we do next?

A. Have a good Summer and enjoy the sunshine!  If anything important happens, we’ll let you know.



RESIDENTS OF MOSSE GARDENS are concerned that the Taylor Wimpey plans for development east of Mosse Gardens would result in Mosse Gardens becoming the only access route for the development.   If you would like to help Ruth and the new Residents Group challenge these plans, please send contact details to

or phone her on 01243 539721 or 07714 235569.


And if you would like to be a parish councillor for a few months to see if you would like to stand for election in 2015, we have some vacancies. Send your details to Rachel Huskisson at and she will send you details and an application form.