3-2-1 and they’re off!

Horse racing was enjoyed by forty-five members and friends of Age Concern, Southbourne when Men’s Shed arranged and ran a fundraising evening on 3rd February. Although it was very windy outside the atmosphere inside the Age Concern hall was warm and friendly with everyone keen to make their fortune on the geegees. Racing, using the new horserace game made by Men’s Shed and out for the first time, was exciting and there were cheers for the leading horses and even louder cheers for those last off the blocks.

The game consists of 6 horses, each a different colour and number and a racetrack with segments marked out on a long cloth, complete with (pretend) water jumps.  Using two dice, one with colours on each face to match the horse and another normal dice to decide how far the chosen horse could move on each turn, the audience were invited to throw for the next move. Before each race the bets were collected by two of the team with most present placing a small bet on a horse of their choice.

Dressed in bright colours and complete with a ‘jockeys cap’, Geoff Collett, Chairman of Southbourne Men’s Shed commentated on the race and announced each move of the horses to the delight and amusement of everyone especially when he gave a special mention of those unlucky enough to fall at the water jumps.

With three of the six races completed a fish & chip super, supplied by the chippy in Bosham was served and thoroughly enjoyed during the interval.

Racing soon resumed and for the final race each horse was auctioned with some very good bids received. The winning bidders were able to move their horses along the course to the cheers of the crowd with the Blue horse winning half of all monies taken in the auction for its’ lucky owner. The evening was considered a great success and Men’s Shed were pleased to present the takings to John Southgate, Acting Chairman of Age Concern Southbourne. It is hoped that another race night will be arranged for the autumn.

Note; The race game is available for use for fundraising events, weddings and family gatherings etc. with or without our small team of operators. For details call in at Men’s Shed, New Road, Southbourne. PO10 8JX weekday mornings, find us on the web at www.southbournemensshed.btck.co.uk or ring 07539 103015.